Palestinian terrorists murdered 2 Jewish teenagers - the Palestinian Authority keeps paying terrorists a monthly salary

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People who support the establishment of a Palestinian state do not want to hear you about the crimes against humanity that are promoted by the Palestinian Authority and Hamas (the Palestinian leadership).
If you have ever wondered why there is no peace in the Middle East, this horrific act of terror will give you a different perspective on the conflict and it is not about territory.
On 8 May 2001, 13-year-old Koby Mandell and 14-year-old Yosef Ishran were brutally murdered by vile Palestinian Arab terrorists.
When people talk about establishing a Palestinian state in Judea and Samaria, they tend to forget that hundreds of thousands of Jews live there under 24/7 protection by the IDF because of incitement by the Palestinian Authority and Hamas to kill Jews.

Not many people in the West know this, but the Palestinian Authority is using their tax money to encourage terrorist attacks against Jews by paying a monthly salary to every terrorist or family of suicide bomber who murdered Jews in Islam's name.
Western countries must cut all their foreign aid to the Palestinians and designate the Palestinian Authority as a terrorist organization.
Why is the UN silent when Palestinian Muslims murder Jews, but screams when Israel defends its citizens?
No one should have to live in fear as they drive home from work or walk home from school. This radical Islamic terrorism must stop.
Israeli mothers shouldn’t have to fear sending their kids off to school. Israeli workers shouldn’t have to fear standing at a bus stop. Israeli children and visitors should be free to feel safe while walking through Jerusalem’s Old City.
The people of Israel have a right to live in peace and security.

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