Watch: Palestinian Muslim children trained to kill Jews for Jihad for Allah's sake

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The video below gives a small glimpse into the lives of hundreds of thousands of children living in Gaza under Hamas (Islamic terrorist organization).
Hamas and Islamic Jihad use schools, kindergartens, TV channels, mosques and summer camps to introduce small children to the extreme ideology of jihad and train them as future terrorists.
Western countries and the United Nations, which are pouring billions of dollars into Gaza, are Just helping Hamas to promote its murderous ideology.
Hamas and the Islamic Jihad are sponsored by the Iranian terrorist regime and responsible for the murder of thousands of Israelis.
More than 900 people were murdered in attacks carried out by Palestinian terrorists since late September 2000. Thousands of Israelis have been injured, many of the victims maimed for life.
The security fence that Israel has built on its borders, despite criticism by the UN, the media and Western countries, has managed to cut terrorist attacks by 99.9%.
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