Australian TV Host destroys every person blaming mental illness for Islamic terrorism

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A video which has surfaced on social media shows Australian TV host Peta Credlin criticizes the politicians and leaders who use mental illness as an excuse to justify Islamic terrorism.
During a powerful speech, this TV host broke the rules of political correctness. As you can see in the video below Sky News host Peta Credlin said "Only one religion that still entertains the notion of death to the infidel". According to her, mental illness does not motivate people to move to Syria and join a terrorist organization like ISIS.
She is absolutely right as you can see in the second video below which reveals the real reason to why there is no peace in the Middle East. Leaders in the Arab-Muslim world use the religion of Islam to promote a religious war against Israel and the Jewish people. Palestinian terrorists and leaders use their religion to glorify suicide bombings and promote the murder of innocent Jews including women and children.
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