Islamic Republic of Iran executes people who protested against Islam's regime

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The regime in Iran is about to execute three young men for the crime of protesting during last November.
The Islamic Republic Supreme Court has admitted it has upheld death sentences for three young protesters arrested in mid-November anti-regime rallies.
The three young Human rights activists Amirhossein Moradi, Mohammad Rajabi and Saeed Tamjidi, all born in the early 1990s, were tried and sentenced to death last March, in acourt presided by a Sharia judge, Abolqassem Salavati. They were falsely charged with participation in armed conflict, illegal exit from the country, attending protests, and sabotage. They were also sentenced to 222 lashes.
During protests against the terrorist regime last November Iran executed 1,500 civilians including hundreds of women and dozens of children who were shot to death in public in broad daylight.
Shockingly, the UN not only ignores Iran's crimes but also gives the regime key roles in UN bodies.
On March 2019 the Islamic Republic of Iran was appointed to the UN Women's rights committee that judges complaints of women's rights violations.
According to UN, the violations that Iran will judge include:
• Stereotypical attitudes towards role of women.
• Violation of women's rights defenders' freedom of expression & assembly • Deaths & torture of women in custody.
• Impunity for violations of human rights of women.
This madness must stop.
Western states must withdraw from the United Nations and expel Iranian diplomats and ambassadors in order to force the Ayatollah regime to stop the oppression of Iran's people.
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