Arabs seek to push the Jews into the sea without realizing that Jews contributed more to humanity than entire Arab world

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As you can see in the video below in an amazing rant on Australian TV, the host slams the entire Arab world over their useless war against the Jewish people.
While Jews, who are only around 0.2 percent of the world population, have won a quarter of all Nobel Prizes awarded in the sciences, Muslims, who are one quarter of the world population, have won only 2.
Arab-Islamic countries, including Iran, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, the Gulf states, Qatar, Yemen, etc., are waging a long-running war against the existence of the State of Israel as a Jewish state.
Jews no longer exist in most parts of the Middle East, they were ethnically cleansed by Arab-Muslims.
Morocco, Egypt, Algeria, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and many other Arab countries banned the entry of Jews under the law.
Christian minorities are facing the same fate as persecution of Christians throughout the Middle East, Asia and Africa has reached levels of genocide.
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