Aussie woman criticizes 'Prophet Muhammad' for marrying 6 year old girl & enslaving women

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In a video which went viral on social media Australian Conservative activist Kirralie Smith defends the right of Australians to criticize and demonstrate against Islam.
As you can see in the video below she uses harsh words to criticize the religion of Islam and the Prophet Muhammad.
She defends her right to freedom of speech, a right that does not exist in many Muslim and dictatorial countries throughout Asia and Africa.
In countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria under Sharia blasphemy law people have no right to criticize Islam or its founder, the Prophet Muhammad.
People who are accused of blasphemy in these countries are executed, even over false accusations. Just look at what is happening in Pakistan, every year innocent people mostly minorities are executed on false charges of blasphemy.
Sadly the UN not only ignores the brutal violation of human rights under Sharia law in the Arab-Muslim world but adds insult to injury by electing the worst human rights violators in the world like Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria to be senior members of the UN Human Rights Council.
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