Australia tells UN to shove it, will not support terrorist organizations trying to destroy Israel (Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah, PLO)

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Watch: Australia refuses to misuse its voices in the UN for the sake of a fake consensus that promotes the interests of terrorist organizations and terrorist regimes seeking to destroy the State of Israel for being a Jewish state.
In a report on Sky News Australia which went viral on social media, Australian TV host Chris Kenny says most UN bodies “spend an inordinate amount of time” seeking to discredit the liberal democratic nation of Israel.
However, he said it’s good to see Australia has been standing up for its values in the United Nations and has been “resisting efforts to have the International Criminal Court consider to help and provide legal backing to terrorist organizations such as Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad and the Palestinian Authority which actively promote the killing of innocent Jews in Israel by launching missiles, broadcasting radical Islamic propaganda or even paying salaries to terrorists for killing Jews.
Israel has a right to exist and defend itself against Islamic terrorism whether the UN likes it or not.
Western countries, the EU and the UN support the establishment of a Palestinian-Muslim state. What they are not telling you is that the "Palestinians" are led by the terrorist organizations Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the Palestinian Authority (PLO) who demand to establish a state where Jews are not allowed to exist.
In other words, the Palestinians demand full ethnic cleansing of Jews from areas taken by Israel in self-defense from Egypt (Gaza) and Jordan (West Bank) who started the Six-Day War in 1967 in an attempt to destroy Israel. There has never been a self-proclaimed Muslim state called Palestine. It was the Roman Empire who named the region "Syria-Palestina".
Over 850,000 men, women and children were expelled from Muslim countries - All of them Jews. But the world was silent and still keeps silent as the Christians, Yazids and Kurds are facing the same fate. Jews no longer exist in most parts of the Middle East, they were ethnically cleansed by Arab-Muslims.
Christian minorities are facing the same fate as persecution of Christians throughout the Middle East, Asia and Africa has reached levels of genocide while the international community (UN, ICC, and the EU of reaction) ignores the Christian genocide and focuses only on Israel, the only place in the Middle East where Christians are safe.
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