Palestinian Muslim terrorists launch missiles at Israel to kill Jews - Media is silent to avoid damaging Islam's image

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Gaza's terrorist organizations have committed war crimes against Israel, but no one in the media, EU or UN seems to care.
As you can see in the video below missile hit the front yard of a house in southern Israel, an innocent man was injured and was taken to a hospital.
The IDF Spokesperson's Unit released the following statement:
"Earlier tonight, rockets were fired from Gaza into Israel.
In response, our Air Force just struck Hamas terror targets in Gaza, including a military compound used to store rocket ammunition.
We will continue to operate against any attempts to harm Israeli civilians."
Once again, Muslim terrorists in Gaza violated the ceasefire and fired missiles at civilian targets in Israel. They're trying to kill innocent Jews, including women and children.
Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad that control the Gaza Strip use Islam as a justification for their war crimes. The media obviously ignores this on order to avoid damaging the image of Islam in the West.
Under international law, every rocket fired from Gaza into Israel is a double war crime — one for targeting Israeli civilians, another for doing so inside or next to homes, mosques, hospitals and schools, which uses Gazan civilians as human shields.
Where are all the left-wing politicians who condemned Trump's peace plan? Why don't they condemn the Palestinian war crimes against Israel?
Hamas and the Islamic Jihad are Islamic terrorist organisation, with an antisemitic ideology, an arsenal of missiles pointing at Israel, a history of terror attacks on Jewish targets in the West, and links to organised crime.
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