Sharia Advocate on Australian TV says Aussie people have nothing to worry about regarding the Imposition of Sharia laws in their country

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As you can see in the video below, in an interview on Australian TV, Muslim Sharia Advocate explained why the Australian people should not be afraid of the Imposition of Sharia law in Australia as it only applies to "Muslim areas" and not to the entire country.
He calls for the establishment of a "local government system".
It looks like he wants to establish a state within a state where they will live according to their own laws.
Islam has many laws that oppress women and violate human rights by authorizing wife beating, FGM, child marriage, forced marriage, honor killing, etc.
Islam also includes many rigid rules of modesty that apply only to women. According to Sharia law If a woman does not satisfy her husband or if she violates the laws of Islam, the husband has the right to beat her.
In most countries that practice Sharia law like Saudi Arabia and Iran under the Male guardianship policy, women are not allowed to get a job, education, or even leave the house or receive medical treatment without the approval of the male guardian (father, husband, brother or uncle).
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