Concerns: Woman tortured to death in Iran's Evin Prison after writing a book against stoning to death

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Fate and conditions of Golrokh Ebrahimi Iraee remain uncertain, 11 days since she was brutalized and relocated by force from Qarchak Prison and taken to Ward 2A of Iran's notorious Evin Prison.
Authorities told Iraee family: “You should not be waiting for your daughter… Whatever happens to her, she deserves it.”
Golrolkh Ebrahimi Iraee is a political prisoner who was first imprisoned in Evin on October 16, 2015, for writing an unpublished book against stoning. During her time in prison, a new file was trumped up against her, according to which she was sentenced to more imprisonment.
She and others who dare to reject the Iran's regime are cruelly persecuted and even tortured in a brutal violations human rights and international law.
Unfortunately, U.N. has elected Iran's terrorist regime to its Commission on Criminal Justice & Women's rights committee that judges complaints of Human Rights Violations.
The Iranian terrorist regime and its affiliates in the Middle East (Shiite militias and terrorist organizations) implement the Islamic penalty code of 1,400 years ago which include public amputations, floggings, executions by hanging and even stoning to death.
The Iranian people are being brutally oppressed by a religious regime that uses "Islamic scriptures" to justify the execution of children, minorities, human rights activists, Journalists, protesters, etc.
Iranian prisons (torture camps) are full of innocent people imprisoned for their protests against gender apartheid in Iran.
Under Iranian strict modesty laws women are not allowed to dance, sing, show their hair in public or even leave home without the permission of the "male guardian".
It is well known that Iran is the world’s biggest jailer of Innocent women including journalists, rape victims, women's rights activities and Human rights lawyers.
Iran’s regime holds the infamous record of the world’s top executioner per capita. It also ranks first for most number of juvenile executions in the world. Women are also victims of the death penalty in Iran, with dozens of women hanged in public squares every year.
The regime in Iran uses the death penalty as a tool to suppress and silence a disgruntled society the majority of whom live under the poverty line, are unemployed and deprived of freedom of speech.
Sadly, the UN is turning a blind eye to Iran’s regime continued practice of unjustified executions and inhuman torture methods.
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