Millions of Muslims flood Pakistan's streets to express loud hatred of Jews & Israel

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As you can see in the videos below 6 million Muslim men have gathered in the port city of Karachi to take part in an anti-Israel march that is calling against any potential normalization with Israel and Jews.
The massive rally was organized by Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F), Islamist party at the head of the country’s political opposition, against the possibility of Pakistan normalizing relations with Israel.
Former US defense secretary James Mattis who was member of President Donald Trump’s cabinet has said he considers Pakistan as the “most dangerous country” he dealt with it in a long career spanning decades in the military because of the level of radicalization of its society and its nuclear weapons.
In Pakistan, which is well known for its barbaric blasphemy laws, Christians and Hindus are often falsely accused of blasphemy. Christians and Hindus walk on eggshells to avoid such charges, since once they’re levied, no Christians are safe — even the families of the accused.
Western countries must impose sanctions on Pakistani terror regime until it provides protection to the non-Muslim minorities.
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