Biden destroys the childhood & future of innocent children as the media is silent to avoid damaging the left's narrative

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The Biden administration took a sharp turn in U.S. policy in the Middle East, announcing it will renew foreign aid to the Palestinian Authority and restore U.S. aid to the U.N. agency in Gaza which is controlled by the terrorist organization Hamas.
The video below reveals how Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the PA are using the education system which is funded entirely by United Nations, EU and Western countries to introduce their children to the extreme ideology of Jihad.
Between 2016 - 2019 (inc.) donations to the UN agency in Gaza (UNRWA) totaled $4,612,993,296 (4.6 billion).
At the graduation ceremony of a kindergarten in Gaza, pre-schoolers carrying mock guns and rifles simulated Islamic Jihad militants storming an Israeli building and killing Jews to the sounds of loud explosions and gunfire.
The children, dressed in uniforms of the Islamic Jihad’s terrorist organization.
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