Joe Biden ignores Iran's calls to exterminate Jews while compromising their ability to develop weapons of mass destruction

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As you can see in the video below, Joe Biden is negotiating with the Iranian terrorist regime in an attempt to renew Obama's failed nuclear deal.
As you can see in the second tweet embedded below, Iran's supreme leader uses Twitter to threaten Jewish people with a second Holocaust while comparing the Jewish state to a cancerous tumor which should be eradicated.
Israel will have to defend itself by itself against the Iranian nuclear program. Sadly the Biden administration, which is led by former Obama officials (who are haters of Israel), seeks to renew the terrible nuclear deal and normalize relations with the Iranian terrorist regime.
It was Obama who gave Iran BILLIONS of dollars. His inaction emboldened Iran to become the problem we have to deal with today.
Obama’s Iran Deal was a disaster: It allowed Iran to keep their nuclear infrastructure. It relieved sanctions and delivered billions in cash to a rogue regime. It all but guaranteed a nuclear Iran in less than a decade.
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