Palestinian Muslim screaming ‘Allahu akbar’ opens fire toward Jews waiting at a bus stop

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BREAKING: Two Israelis are in critical condition after being shot by terrorists in a bus station at Tapuah Junction in Samaria, Israel.
Each year, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas pays hundreds of millions of dollars in salaries to every terrorist or family of suicide bomber who murdered Jews in the name of Islam. Western countries must cut all their foreign aid to the Palestinians and designate the Palestinian Authority as a terrorist organization.
Sadly the Biden administration took a sharp turn in U.S. policy in the Middle East, announcing it will renew $200,000,000 annual foreign aid to the Palestinian Authority.
Joe Biden forces American taxpayers to fund terrorism against innocent Jews in Israel.
No one should have to live in fear as they drive home from work or walk home from school. This radical Islamic terrorism must stop. Israeli mothers shouldn’t have to fear sending their kids off to school. Israeli workers shouldn’t have to fear standing at a bus stop. Israeli children and visitors should be free to feel safe while walking through Jerusalem’s Old City. The people of Israel have a right to live in peace and security.
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